Our Firm

More than 30 years of professional experience

Ever since its foundation in 1984, our Firm has always aimed at establishing a highly personalized professional relationship with the client, whereby we undertake to search for and provide creative solutions and legal strategies, without departing from a responsible and faithful exercise of our professional activity and, within the context of relationships that are reserved, ethical and observant of professional secrecy. Partners participate personally in every decision that may affect the interest of our clients; we favor discussing matters among ourselves, aware that differing points of views guarantee the adoption of correct decisions. These features constitute for Yavar & Silva an inevitable and irrevocable approach in the exercise of our professional activity, and have unquestionably been paramount in solidifying our reputation for over 30 years.

Our Firm is a professional entity organized as a limited liability company, whose corporate name is Yávar & Silva Limitada.